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Our team of lawyers are the basis of our success. All who are part of our firm stand out as being among the best profiles of their respective areas of practice. They bring their professional experience and talent from the best law firms, schools and universities in Mexico and the United States. Our rigorous selection process and the effort we make to stay up to date and at the forefront of what we do is what allows us to offer the level of service that our clients require.


                                                                      NONE OF US IS AS GOOD AS ALL OF US”,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       RAY KROC.


Likewise, all our lawyers are fluent in the English language and writing, allowing us to provide excellent service to foreign companies and companies with transnational operations.


F O U N D I N G   P A R T N E R

César Octavio Cantoral Cárdenas

W H O  A R E   W E ?

César Cantoral is a lawyer from the Escuela Libre de Derecho, Mexico City, where he proudly graduated with the thesis “Procedural Effectiveness of Minority Rights in Corporations.” He achieved academic excellence in his training, being highlighted as one of the best students of his generation. His professional training as a lawyer includes having collaborated with major Mexican and transnational firms such as Cacheaux Cavazos & Newton, LLP and González Calvillo, S.C.


He is CEO and founding partner of Cantoral Cárdenas Abogados and specializes in corporate dispute resolution, criminal defense and sophisticated commercial litigation. César is highly creative in his strategies and practices with passion and determination for the interests of his clients.


César has been ranked as one of the best lawyers in Mexico by the 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 editions of the magazine “Tops Mexico” and the newspaper “El Financiero” in the areas of banking and financial law while being especially awarded as a leading lawyer in the area of corporate law.


He is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration for Executives with Experience (M.B.A.) at the Pan American Institute of Senior Business Management (IPADE Business School) and a Specialty in Accusatory Penal System at the Escuela Libre de Derecho, both in Mexico City.


Additionally, he has studies on international human rights law and European community law from the University of Cantabria (Santander, Spain).


In his academic career, he has been professor of the subjects Commercial Contracts and History of Patriotic Law, both at the Universidad Panamericana (Mexico City) and has written articles and publications for the magazine “Abogados Corporativo”.


His first language is Spanish and he is also fluent in speaking and writing in the English language.

Foto SJS.png

S E N I O R    L A Y E R

Salvador Jayme is a lawyer from the Metropolitan Autonomous University (Mexico City, Mexico) where he completed his Bachelor’s in Law with the thesis, “Criminal Law of the Enemy. On the Federal Law against Organized Crime,” which was highlighted among some of the best research of its generation.


His professional training as a lawyer includes having practiced professionally for more than six years in the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City and subsequently for seven years in the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic as Agent of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Federation and Prosecutor of Litigation. In those experiences, he obtained a record of convictions — favorable to the interests of the representation he held — accumulating to an approximate amount of four hundred and ninety-four years in prison against various defendants whose defenses he faced and won in each trial.


In addition, he achieved a Master's degree in Accusatory System from the National Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Law, a diploma in Amparo from the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (Mexico) and several refresher and in-depth courses on litigation strategies, definition of case theory, and human rights, among others.


He is currently pursuing a specialty in Criminal Investigation, taught by the National Institute of Criminal Science in Mexico City.

Salvador Jayme Sánchez

Luis pasante CCA.png


Luis Rodolfo Reyes Pérez graduated from the Bachelor's in Law program (2019-2023) at the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics "CIDE" A.C. (Mexico City), where he earned his degree with the thesis "Which Way to Go? The Legal Effects of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation's Interpretation Regarding the Participation of the Armed Forces in Public Security Tasks. From the Ninth Epoch to the Present." His education at this institution was marked by high standards and academic excellence.


Additionally, Rodolfo holds a degree in History (2014-2019) from the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature at the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico. There, he completed his thesis on "The Supply of Equipment and Provisions to the Army of the East during the First Campaign of the French Intervention." He graduated with a specialization in teaching and the education of history.


His professional journey as a lawyer began with collaboration at the Quezada & Kuri, S.C. law firm, focusing on civil and family litigation. In his professional trajectory, he has also been involved in the preparation and execution of museum exhibitions at the Museum of Non-Intervention, "Loreto Fort," (Puebla, Mexico), and has served as a research assistant at "CIDE."

Rodolfo Reyes Pérez


Miguel Enrique Sosa Jarillo is a law student (2020-2025) at Universidad La Salle (Mexico City Campus), where he has served as the Training Coordinator at the University Student Council of the Faculty of Law.


His academic background has allowed him to publish the article, "The Inefficiency of the Mexican State in Guaranteeing the Human Right to Health during the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic in Mexico," in the Lasallista Memorial of the Lasallistas Research, Development, and Innovation Contest. He also serves as a judging panel member at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in the PAUTA program, supporting talent. An intern


Before joining the law firm, Miguel worked as a law clerk at the law firms Harrsch & Corominas, S.C., Corominas Abogados, S.C., and Facha Abogados, S.C., specializing in civil, family, commercial, amparo, and bankruptcy litigation.


Throughout a significant part of his academic career, Miguel has been the recipient of the academic excellence scholarship granted by the Fausto Rico Álvarez Foundation, I.A.P., in collaboration with Universidad La Salle, A.C.


His native language is Spanish, and he is fluent in both spoken and written English.

Miguel Sosa Jarillo

L A W   C L E R K

» We believe in the law of attraction among people who dream similarly and work under a shared code, creating synergies of development and progress. «

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