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A R E A S   O F   P R A C T I C E

C R I M I N A L   L A W 

Our team has successfully developed an impeccable track record in the field of criminal litigation, serving in the criminal defense of both individuals and legal entities, as well as in the legal representation of victims or offended parties. Our firm was born in and grew hand in hand with the new oral and adversarial criminal procedural system, ensuring that our foundation and current strategies align with this new criminal justice system.


We have handled criminal proceedings at all levels in appeals and amparo trials, achieving favorable outcomes for our clients in all cases that we have represented in this area of practice.


We specialize in cases related to property crimes, corporate crimes, tax offenses, financial crimes, sexual offenses, crimes against liberty and crimes against health, among others.

C O M M E R C I A L   L I T I G A T I O N

We have extensive experience in handling commercial proceedings, including ordinary, executive, summary procedures, and arbitration processes of commercial nature.


We represent cases arising from complex and sophisticated transactions such as corporate financings, mergers, acquisitions, co-investments, international sales, electronic contracts and partnership agreements, among others.


Likewise, we represent our clients in civil proceedings. Our focus in this area includes the processing of cases to resolve disputes arising from the fulfillment and rescission of civil and partnership contracts, cases of moral damage and the right to honor of individuals, freedom of expression, tort liability and real estate conflicts.

S H A R E H O L D E R   D I S P U T E S

We efficiently address and resolve disputes that arise within companies and among their partners.


With extensive experience and a solid track record, we excel in resolving conflicts among partners/shareholders and disputes arising within the board of directors. We are experts in defending minority groups within companies.


We have successfully represented groups and entrepreneurs in defending their rights and interests in complex conflicts. The success of our approach is based on attention to detail, strategic planning and legal expertise.


We assert our clients' rights without losing sight of the importance of caring for and preserving the business.

P R O T E C T I O N   O F   F O R E I N G   I N V E R S T O R S

At Cantoral Cárdenas Abogados, S.C., we actively engage in the defense and advisory services for foreign investors regarding their interests and holdings in Mexico.


Currently, we sponsor various investment arbitration processes under the rules of NAFTA and USMCA (T-MEC in Spanish), addressing impairments and violations of the rights and interests of foreign investors in Mexico.


In these processes, our aim is to recover the investments made and seek compensation for damages and losses incurred due to their infringement.

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